August 1, 2012. Second month of Chaturmasya

Chaturmasya is the four-month period, consisting of the rainy and autumn seasons in India, during which Vaishnavas perform austerities to invoke the mercy of the Lord. Traditionally, itinerant priests and preachers would take a break from their travels during this time, due to the hardships of travel during the harsh, rainy, monsoon season weather. Chaturmasya observers refrain from eating certain foods. The last month of Chaturmasya is known as Karttika, and is the holiest month of the year for Vaishnavas.

Caturmasya es una época del año destinada a incrementar las actividades espirituales y a reducir las actividades corporales. No yogurt. Si es requerido, mezclar con agua. Si leche u otros productos lácteos.